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Latest update: June 2018


What are cookies?

The website uses cookies. Cookies are “small text files” – made up of letters and numbers – “that a website sends to the device (usually, the browser) of users who visited it. Cookies will be stored on that device before being re-sent to that website when the user revisits it” (see the December 2012 FAQ published by the Privacy Ombudsman:

Cookies can be used to make web traffic analysis more efficient; to remember when a website has been visited; to identify different users visiting the website and personalise its content accordingly; and to generally help the website’s administrators to improve their website and its browsing features.

We cannot access any other information stored on your device using cookies, even when cookies are downloaded on it. Cookies cannot upload any codes, virus or malware, nor can they harm the users’ device in any way.

We set out below all relevant information on the cookies used on this website as well as guidelines on how to manage their settings.


User’s consent

A short Information Notice relating to the use of cookies will be shown to the user upon visiting the website for the first time: the user may give his/her consent to the use of cookies by either clicking on the relevant button or clicking anywhere outside of the banner and continuing browsing the website, in accordance with the applicable Cookie Policy terms.

The website stores the choices made by the user to ensure that the Information Notice will not appear again upon visiting the website in the future from the same device. However, the user may still withdraw, in whole or in part, its consent.

Should any technical problem arise when providing the consent, please contact us at for assistance.


The cookies we use

The use of cookies by this site’s Data Controller, Pomellato S.p.A, with registered offices in Milan, Via Neera 37, is discussed in the relative Web Policy and Privacy Notice; for all information required in accordance with articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, click here.

We use both “persistent cookies” (that is, cookies that remain stored until they are manually removed by the user or when they are programmed to expire on a certain date) and “session cookies”, which are not stored on the user’s device and expire when the web browser is closed. These cookies improve the navigation on our website and the level of the services we provide.

We further use different types of cookies – with specific functions – which can be categorised as follows:



(User’s consent is not required for this cookie)

They are essential to guarantee the correct functioning of our website. They allow the user to browse and visualise its content properly. Their removal would result in the website not working properly.Generally, these cookies are necessary, for example, to maintain a browsing session open or to allow the user to access certain reserved areas. They can also temporarily store and remember text inserted when filling in a form, or when going back to a page previously visited during the same session.
Technical/functional(User’s consent is not required for this cookie) They allow users to make the most of the website features and to improve the navigation. When these cookies are enabled, the website works properly. However, users can choose to disable them on their device.For example, cookies of this kind can remember the display language preferred by the user.
Technical/consent(User’s consent not required for this cookie) This cookie keeps track of the user’s consent to the use of cookies on this website, to avoid displaying the Information Notice and require the user’s consent again during subsequent visits.
Analytics/Statistical(User’s consent required) We use these cookies to collect information on the navigation’s preferences of our website’s users. Such information is analysed as aggregate data for statistical purposes only. Although not strictly necessary, they greatly help us to improve our website’s contents and the services we offer based on the feedback we obtain when analysing such information.
Profiling/advertising(User’s consent required) These cookies are used to present content, including advertising content, in a more personalised manner.For example, they can also be used to limit the number of times that a certain advert is shown or to help us improve reporting on our advertising campaign performance (including of campaigns run by third parties on our website).

Although not necessary, they allow us to offer a more personalised content.


Third party cookies

On our website, you will receive both first-party cookies from, as well as third-party cookies. To provide their services, third parties can store cookies on your device on our behalf.

Third-party cookies allow us to obtain more reliable data on the users’ browsing preferences. For example, we use these cookies to analyse data on the use of our website and to evaluate the users’ level of interests in our products or services. More detailed information is available in the tables set out in the present document and on the relevant third parties’ websites.


Statistical cookies (including third parties’)
The website uses first-party cookies to collect and analyse the information (as aggregate data) on the users’ browsing experience.

The website also uses Google Analytics, a Google Inc. service which analyses web traffic and uses cookies. Neither nor Google will associate your IP address with any other data they hold to identify you directly.

Google Analytics analyses the information which has been collected and produces reports for the website administrators of, who in turn uses them to verify the proper functioning of their services and possibly assess the level of interest in the contents being proposed.

If you wish to disable the statistical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data regarding your browsing, you can download the relevant component here:


Advert profiling and retargeting cookies (third parties)
The website uses cookies which enable it to assess the effectiveness of its adverts and advertising campaigns and how users interact with them.

The following table sets out details on the single cookies and on how to disable them:


Double Click
Dynamic Remarketing
Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View – CA94043USA
Go to the Information Notice /consent form
Go to the third party’s privacy policy
Click here
or Click here
Or go to settings clicking here


How to set up your device

If the user does not consent to the cookies’ installation, he/she will need to set the browser so to disable the cookies or avoid using this website. However, disabling cookies may result in the website not functioning correctly.

Access your browser’s settings to modify how you use the cookies, to disable the cookies or to remove any cookies from your device.

Most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies or to accept only some of them (for example, those related to specific websites).

Despite involving similar steps, the process to modify the cookie settings are different for each browser. Users can visit the website or click on the ‘Help’ section of its own browser to have access to more detailed information on the procedure to follow.

Please visit  for more information and to manage your preferences for third-party cookies.